As part of management’s commitment to improve teaching and learning of core subjects at the Senior High level, a training programme has been scheduled to take lieu from Sunday 12th January to Thursday 16th January 2020.

Teachers are currently accommodated in the various halls of the University of Cape Coast for the Workshop. From Oguaa hall, ATL, Adehye, Valco, KNH, and Casford.

Before the workshop, teachers were instructed to go along with their bedsheet and that’s where some teachers sensed poor treatment on the way.

On the Monday morning, teachers were told to queue for “kooko and bread” for their breakfast for which many agitated and threatened to boycott the workshop, if the organizers refused to show up to explain to them the reason for such disrespectful and poor treatment.

It seems the usual dogma that, “Teachers are not respected” is on the rise and if care is not taken to better the conditions of service for teachers such a dogma will stick and stay forever like a cures .


Fast rising talented rapper ORIGEE kicks off the year 2020 with a new song dubbed CONFIRM which is produced by TF Studio. The Adiembra based rapper who is a threat to all rappers in the Oil City will drop the new banger of the year coming Saturday, 11th January 2020 .

Anticipate for greatness and support the movement. BOOOOOM!!!


Fast rising and talented rapper Kojo Pius from the camp of Reign Godz based in Kojokrom kicks off the year 2020 with a new awesome song dubbed “TWO TOP” which he features Emjay.

The King of Reign Godz who has a lot of songs to his credit, e.g Bossy, We the best, Nothing, Beyond compare among others starts the year with this jam as a warm up tune while we anticipate for greater hit after hit in 2020.

The song is said to be released on the 20th of January 2020. Fans and music lovers should anticipate for something great from Tadi’s Discovery of the Year “KOJO PIUS”

The radio presenter to listen to in 2020.

Bushke El Presidente popularly known as Bushke on radio is a sensational x-rated and electrifying radio broadcaster you need to listen to in 2020. As the name rightly suggest, he is the last descendant of the Bushman. A former broadcaster at vibe 91.1fm Accra then to Melody 91.1 in Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana is currently with Global Media Alliance Yfm 97.9 Takoradi. He holds the infamous show dubbed “shout out on Y ” from 12pm to 3pm from Monday to Friday every week day. He holds the show with DJ Suraka, one of the best djs in the region .His chivalric magnificent radio voice compels both the elite and the masses to get locked down on radio everyday. Every week day ,he edutain his isteners with up to date education and entertainment updates. He is very versatile on radio and his DJ also helps make the show the best in the oil City by playing all songs requested by all listeners before the show ends. Indeed Bustke has over the years has proven to the people of the Western ,Central Regions and beyond that he’s the best when it comes to radio presentation. He is an outstanding Radio Guru who needs to be listened to, if indeed you want to enjoy Radio. Y fm station for the young and young at heart. Yearning for more…..

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